Dr. Lupenko - A Senior Medical Advisor!


Dr. Lupenko- A Worldwide Famous Doctor

Alexander Lupenko is a worldwide famous doctor, a sportive man and a dedicated father. Dr. Lupenko is now mainly known as the Senior Medical Advisor for Passport Health, in New York City. In addition to his responsibilities as the Senior Medical Advisor, Dr Lupenko Rosslyn Heights NY has also achieved several impressive professional successes.

Life of Alexander Lupenko is filled with impressive work experience. As he was just a young doctor who recently graduated, Dr. Lupenko had the chance to be part of the Board of Directors of Queens-Long Island Medical. He then served as Chairman twice. Once for the Quality Improvement Committee in the Nassau-Queens Division, and then in Syosset as the Chairman for the Infection Control Committee.

Doctor AlexanderAfter several years of work in hospitals, Alexander Lupenkospecialised in travel health. Him owning the Passport Health of New York City and Long Island was the result of many years of work. He is also a part of the International Society of Travel Medicine and the American Society of Travel Medicine and Hygiene.

Alexander Lupenko’swork in New York City is remarkable. In 2005, he had the opportunity to become the owner of Passport Health in New York City and to work there as a Senior Medical Consultant. His responsibilities gave him the status of a leader. He embraced this role as he had to manage the team of specialists and programmers who developed the PASSageware, the electronic medical records (EMR) program. Alexander Lupenko was involved in many improvement decisions and had an essential role to play.

Education is the key to success, especially in the medical field. Dr. Lupenko has a strong educational background, which led him to achieve responsibilities very early in his career. He obtained his Bachelors in Science at the State University of New York at Stony Brook in 1978. He received his medical degree through a medical exchange program between the Stony Brook University and the Nicholas Copernicus Medical Academy in Krakow.

Alexander Lupenko completed his residency at the Catholic Medical Centre of Brooklyn & Queens. In addition to his previous qualifications, he was selected for two trainings, one at Mary Immaculate Hospital, Jamaica, St. John’s Hospital in Forest Hills and the other at St. Mary’s Hospital in Bedford Stuyvesant.

n 1989, Dr. Lupenkocompleted a comradeship in infectious diseases at The Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn. Alexander Lupenko then entered the professional life and joined Queens-Long Island Medical Group, P.C. In his early years, Dr. Lupenkowas also part of the Board of Directors of Queens-Long Island Medical. His good education and experience made him the perfect candidate for more responsibilities. He served as Chairman for the Quality Improvement Committee in the Nassau-Queens Division, and in Syosset, for the Infection Control Committee.

Alexander Lupenko has had various experiences in the medical field. His career is rich and interesting, and a good example for those having a dream and willing to work hard to achieve it.

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